The Spanish naming customs and traditions date long back in history. You can read about the web resources of Spanish Genealogy here. Most of the naming customs in Spain were started to avoid confusion in villages and neighborhoods. The ex suffix used in the names indicated ‘son of’. This custom is a very old custom in the country.

For example:

  • Ramirez means daughter or son of Ramiro.
  • Martinez means daughter or son of Martin.
  • Fernandez means daughter or son of Martin.

In popular customs in the country, the profession of the person decides the surname of the person or the surname of the person tell us what the profession is.

For example:

  • Torero means bullfighter.
  • Zapatero which is a general surname in Spain means shoe maker.

In many parts of the country, the newborn baby is given two surnames. One is the first surname of the father and the other one is the first surname of the mother.

Girls in Spain are often named Maria. It is done to honor Virgin Mary and a name of shrine, place or religious concept is attached as a suffix name to Maria. Girls with names such as Maria de los Angeles (Maria of the Angels), Maria de la Luz(Mary of the light) are often addressed as Angeles and Luz respectively.

Also, it is not uncommon that a boy’s name also includes Maria in it. The name is usually prefixed by a masculine name.

For example:

  • Jose Maria.

The other popular languages in Spain are Catalan, Basque, and Galician. Basque names are often translated into Spanish or English language.

For example:

  • Ander into Andrew or Andres
  • Ann into Anne or Ana

The Catalan territories also follow the same naming customs as Spanish. The names are seldom translated; however, some minor changes are made in the names while registering them.

Naming a newborn baby can be said to be an adventure in itself. The process is very neatly followed and means a lot to the Spaniards. The name of the newborn baby is decided with a lengthy process. The name must have a thought behind it. Here are some exaples of Spanish names that say a lot about the Spanish naming customs:

Some of the most popular Spanish names are as follows:

  • Sierra: Sierra is a Spanish word and means Saw-toothed
  • Alejandro: Alejandro is again of Spanish origin and is the one who defends mankind. It is the Spanish version of Alexander.
  • Linda:Linda is of English Version. Its Spanish version means pretty.
  • Miguel: Miguel is of Portugese Origin. It means the one who is like the Lord.
  • Esperanza: Esperana is a Spanish word and means hope.
  • Ramona: Ramona is a Spanish name and is the feminine version of Ramon. The word Ramon means wise defender.
  • Estella: Estella is a star in Spanish
  • Milagros: Milagros is of Spanish origin and means a miracle.
  • Elvira: Elvira in Spanish means truth and beautiful.
  • Fernanda: Fernanda is the feminine form of Fernando. It means adventurer, traveler.
  • Susana: Susana is derived from the Hebrew version of Susannah. It means lily.
  • Juana: Juana in Spanish means God’s Gift.